Don & Ashley
Hosts Don & Ashley are both kidney patients but with very different stories. Join them as they invite you on their personal journey of dialysis, transplant and so much more.

A Road Back To Life Mentor and Kidney Patient, MaryBeth talks about planning for transplant and living your best life doing what you love.

Dan Blatnik
Dan Blatnik is a social worker for Puget Sound Kidney Centers and explains how social workers can be an important resource for kidney patients.

Kathy Harvey
Kathy Harvey is a renal dietitian for Puget Sound Kidney Centers and speaks nationally about how diet can effect kidney healthy and longevity. Join us to get tips and invaluable information on how you can make small changes with long lasting effects.

Kathy Harvey on diet – Part 1

Kathy Harvey on diet – Part 2

Arthur & Helene Fellows
A story of a husband and wife team who support one another through their kidney journey. A surprise diagnoses leads to a kidney transplant from a loved one.

A talk with Helen and Arthur Part 1

A talk with Helen and Arthur Part 2

Don & Ashley – asking for a donor
Asking for a kidney donor can be overwhelming and emotional. Join Don and Ashley as they talk about their experience asking for a donor and what helped them during this sensitive time in their lives.

Don & Ashley
Hosts Don & Ashley go over treatment options once your kidneys have failed and talk about other ailments that can affect kidney health and eventually lead to kidney failure.

Treatment Options 1

Treatment Options 2


Dr. Chris & Karin Schmitt
An inspiring story of a nephrologist and his family moving to the Seattle area from Germany while dealing with his own kidney issues and ultimately starting a dialysis center to meet the needs of a community.

Chris & Karin Schmitt Part 1

Chris & Karin Schmitt Part 2

Bob Crabtree
Join us for stories of drag racing, kidney transplant, dialysis and life lessons with Bob Crabtree the Executive Director of The Road Back To Life.

Part 1

Part 2

Join us for a round table discussion with our show producer Steve Johann as he asks us and Bob Crabtree more in-depth questions about patient identity, our support systems, kidney failure symptoms and more.

Marilyn Reimers
Join us as we talk to not only a caregiver but the mother of a kidney patient. In an emotional interview she shares her fears, hopes and the strength she needed to get through this challenging time.

Marilyn Reimers Part 2

Marilyn Reimers Part 3
Marilyn sticks around for a quick discussion on finding much needed support and what she believes is the most important piece of advice for other caregivers.