Kidney Support Group

We are the Western Washington Kidney Support Group

The Road Back To Life is an organization whose mission is to offer hope, education and mentorship to persons affected by kidney disease. We demonstrate that based on our experiences kidney disease is not the end of life. Because of modern treatments and medical advances, many kidney patients receive the gift of enjoying a continued life.

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Kidney Support Stories

At The Road Back To Life, we believe that of all the things we can share with people the most important are our stories.

News & Events

Here you’ll find a variety of news and beneficial information, including recipes, tips, the latest stories & upcoming classes.

Become a Volunteer

We’re looking for mentors experienced in all forms of dialysis including kidney transplant & anyone who wants to help.


The Road Back To Life needs support from our community to increase the number of people we can assist.

RBL Mentors

The Road Back To Life mentors want to support patients and family facing the challenge of coping with kidney disease.

Our mentors are people who have struggled with the same issues and want to share their experiences, hope and knowledge.

We know there is life after diagnosis and disease.

Support Group Mentors
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Some of our Supporters

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