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Kidney Support Group Mentors

The Road Back To Life mentors want to support patients and family facing the challenge of coping with kidney disease. Our mentors are people who have struggled with the same issues and want to share their experiences, hope and knowledge. We know there is life after diagnosis and disease.

We partner with community organizations and clinics to promote  education and support groups at local dialysis centers. Check out our calendar of schedules. We are also available for one to one contact.

Our Director Bob Crabtree

Director Bob Crabtree is a passionate and driven leader of the Road Back to Life.

He credits his knowledge of the kidney failure process to his parents; his father for his high level of patient compliance, and his mother for her constant support.

When Bob’s numbers reached end stage he knew that it wasn’t the end of his life; it was only a bump in the road. Bob hopes to empower other kidney patients to continue living to their full capacity because he knows through watching his father that dialysis is meant to give life, not to prevent it.

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