Decide on a Move to Independent Living with This Guide

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Making the decision to move into an independent living facility can be challenging because there are so many details to consider. For many who are living with kidney issues, a move to an independent living community can provide a better quality of life through increased social activities as well as a measure of safety but doing so often requires selling a home and leaving behind wonderful memories. It also sometimes means making some difficult financial decisions. If you’ve been thinking about making a move to independent living, there are a few things to consider that will make the process easier. Start by looking for support at, which helps mentor those living with kidney disease on how to manage their lifestyle and cope with the symptoms.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to making a move to independent living.

Do some research on your options

Making a major move to an independent living community can either be costly or budget-friendly depending on where you live, so the first step is to consider the financial details. Do some research to find out how much you’ll need to spend. Independent living communities vary widely, with some offering assistance with things like yard work and housekeeping and others providing fewer features in exchange for lower monthly costs. Some communities are located in apartment buildings, while others consist of a well-kept neighborhood of mobile homes. Some spots provide meals in a community dining room, which can be beneficial for individuals who are living with kidney issues since it eliminates the need to plan for and prepare meals that fit your dietary needs. Read up on your options before making a decision.

Plan for your financial needs

As you do your research on independent living options, think about how you’ll finance your new lifestyle and pay for the move. If you’re a business owner, selling can provide a nice sum that will give you some security for the future, but it’s crucial to have a professional valuation done that includes all of your assets, including real estate and inventory. This will give you an accurate and unbiased look at how much your business is actually worth so you can plan accordingly.

Make some difficult decisions

When planning to move to an independent living community, you’ll need to simultaneously think about what to do with your current home. Selling is the most popular option since it provides a healthy lump sum that can help fund the move or pad your nest egg, but if you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, this process can be difficult. If you have family members close by, you might rally them for support or help to make a decision. This can be helpful if you decide to keep the home in the family, and if you decide to sell, they can help you start the process of decluttering and packing up.

Make the move as easy as possible

When preparing for the move, you’ll want to make it as easy and organized as possible. This might mean going through each room of your home and purging items you no longer need or acquiring a floor plan for your new place so you can start planning out where you’ll place pieces of furniture; this will help you narrow down what you can take and which items you might need to sell or donate. If you’re going to hire a moving company, book their services well ahead of time to ensure they’re available on the big day; creating a timeline of tasks will help you stay organized. You can also look for resources that will help you make your health a priority; offers several, including a way to find dialysis centers near your new home.

Making the decision to move to an independent living community can be a difficult one, but for many individuals who are living with a kidney condition, doing so can mean a change for the better. By planning well financially, you can make the move a positive one.

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