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Our Director Bob CrabtreeI’m grateful to have been the executive director of The Road Back To Life for several years and I would like to thank all the people that have made us what we are. I feel lucky to be working with some very special people that are absolutely amazing. Everyone from the mentors to our support people all are kind, helpful and dedicated. Without the support of the Puget Sound Kidney Centers, Puget Sound Kidney Centers Foundation, and KAPS we would have a much harder time getting our message to the people in need.

Our service has been recognized as an important part of the kidney treatment program by the medical community. At this time, we are helping several hundred patients a year through our mentor program as well as community education. In the state of Washington there are approximately 10,000 dialysis patients, indicating the need for mentors is greater than The Road Back To Life can currently fulfill. When you add the number of people in early stage kidney disease that could benefit from the information and support we provide, the number increases substantially.

The Road Back To Life needs support from our community to increase the number of people we can assist. Currently we need mentors experienced in all forms of dialysis including kidney transplant, and support from anyone who wants to help. Please click here for information on volunteer opportunities.

If you can’t donate time, monetary donations are very helpful.

Thank you for your support! Together we can continue to do something that is so vital for so many people.

Bob Crabtree
Executive Director, The Road Back To Life

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