Volunteer Opportunities | Kidney Support Group

Volunteer Opportunities

We would like to bring some people into our group who can help with the following volunteer positions:

In-Center Mentor

This position is for those who would like to run support groups in their own dialysis center. There may be a possibility of participating in new patient education in some centers.

Mobile Mentor

This position is for those that have the ability to travel to multiple centers and can participate in off-site classes and groups. This includes education classes for early stage kidney disease outside of a dialysis center and late stage patients in-center.

There are a variety of different projects with which we could use assistance:

  • Video Filming and Editing
  • Article Writing and Editing
  • Research for New Articles and Recipes
  • Blog Support
  • Secretary for the Organization
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Accounting
  • Public Speaking
  • Fund Raising

If you would like to apply or learn more about these opportunities, please email us at mail@theroadbacktolife.com.

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