Home Patient Ambassador: Lloyd Furman

In Kidney Support Stories by The Road Back to Life

In 1992 I was diagnosed with kidney disease after an annual physical. I was immediately referred to a Nephrologist in Everett, Washington. A low protein diet was suggested and told to keep a close watch on my blood pressure. Also I started a more intense exercise program. Which I still adhere to today.

Gradually my kidneys declined and in 2010 I started on Peritoneal Dialysis. I had a number of years to learn about kidney disease, and I made it something that I learned a lot more about. I joined a Kidney Disease Organization, and spent time on the internet perusing information about which form of dialysis would work best for me. I had chosen Peritoneal Dialysis long before End Stage Kidney Failure.

My Nephrologist recommended that I follow the procedure required for getting on the transplant list. About the time I started dialysis I was approved for a transplant. I have an older sister, a younger brother and neither one qualified for a donation. So word was out and two people volunteered for a private kidney donation. One of them was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had a mastectomy. The other was not a match. Two sons would donate a kidney, but neither qualified.

I am still on the list…and maintain a healthy life style. And am patiently waiting. I am interested in helping others and have become a Home Patient Ambassador for newly diagnosed kidney failure patients. I have also been on Hemodiaysis for a few weeks while recovering from a Hernia Operation, (which was not related to dialysis).