Making A Plan For Your Life

In Hope by The Road Back to Life

Sometimes we drift through life, letting it take us wherever it pleases, but when it backs us into a corner we can get frightened. We don’t understand what happened, how we got there, or what to do next so we shut down and try to let the storm blow over.

If that doesn’t work we may end up in a situation we hadn’t planned for or a place we don’t want to be. So how do we avoid all of that so we never find ourselves in that situation?

Make A Plan For Your Life! When you make a plan, you gain control over the path you take through your own actions. If you find yourself in a crisis, a plan will help you figure out how to get through it.

How do I go about making a plan for my life? We are going to show you it really is very simple and doesn’t take a lawyer. Below you will see the outline on how it is done.

1. Make a plan for your life, that is to say the things you want to do, places you want to go, the people you would like to see, and more.

2. Make a medical plan for your life, how do I prolong my health, what kind of dialysis do I want, should I continue exercising, do I want a transplant.

3. Make a plan for your life with your life partner, things you want to do with them, places you both might like to go, people you both would like to see.

4. Then make a plan for the rest of your family and friends, do the same as above.

5. Then go over your plan for yourself, there maybe things you want to change or remove or add to.

6. Sit down with your doctor and discuss your medical plans so your doctor knows the direction you are wanting to go. The doctor my suggest some things for you to consider and when you leave that day the doctor knows what you want and doesn’t have to guess.

7. You sit down and go over your plan with your life partner and see if it works for them, if not make the changes that need to be made.

8. Do the same with family and friends.

Once that is complete you start putting it all into effect, you have just taken control of your life and disease. They are now going where you want them to go and better yet your disease is not dragging you around taking you places you don’t want to go. You will find out that because you have taken the time to do this that others will want to join you along the way. You will see you are not in this by yourself!