Attitude Is Everything

In Healthy Choices, Hope by The Road Back to Life

When we find out that we have Chronic Kidney Disease, our world comes to a stop, and FEAR (false experiences appearing real) sets in. Feelings like life is over and I’m going to die, this is not what I wanted to have to deal with, and how do I have any kind of life from here on out occupy our thoughts daily.

There isn’t a single kidney patient that I know of that hasn’t had those same thoughts or feelings and a lot more. How have they got through it and all the other stuff life throws at us? The answer is in ATTITUDE, pure and simple. The truth is, you are going to be fine, and you will be able to continue doing the same things you were doing before you got your news about kidney failure. The kidney machine was designed to give us life, but it is up to us to live it.

So, if you think your life is over, then it is; if you think dialysis is awful, then it will be; if you think that the process doesn’t work, then it becomes a chore, designed to make your life miserable.

If this becomes your thought process, you will lose every time.

If you embrace the process, the machine and what the doctors and technicians tell you, and so on, it will all start to work for you, AND YOU WIN!

So, while going through this part of your life, keep a positive attitude. It is what makes it all work and you will be on THE ROAD BACK TO LIFE.

Don Chriscaden