Bringing Back the Magic to Our Lives

In Hope by The Road Back to Life

It seems to me that almost everyone I meet who is on dialysis or going to be on dialysis either has or is on the way to losing that spark or joy for life they once had. To me it is such a shame to see these people give up the very thing that keeps us going when the world has beaten us up and left us seemingly alone. The fact remains it is that spark or joy that keeps us going.

So for the year 2014 we are going to be asking you what is or was the thing about life that brought you joy or gave you that spark, and we are going to call it that Magic that made life fun and enjoyable no matter what.

For some of you it has been your family or community service (working at food banks, or helping the homeless, etc.) maybe it is fishing or camping, sewing, knitting. For others it is being active in your church, or clubs and other organizations. Whatever it is for you, if it gave you that Magic for life, find ways to get back to doing it again. You will be surprised that when we are spending time doing things that bring back that Magic the less time we spend thinking about our problems and all of a sudden are problems don’t have the impact on our lives they used to.

Remember that if there is a problem then there is a solution, and if there is no solution then there is no problem.

For your New Year resolution, maybe find that Magic and make it your passion, not the kidney problems that have stopped you from living the rest of your life with pride and joy. I do believe this resolution will be easier to keep than most of the others you have tried in the past.

It’s the journey that is often the most exciting, so find the Magic and embrace life. Then share it with us and others and you will find it emotionally healing as well. We are always looking for stories about people who have overcome the fear that had kept them back, and if you give us permission we may put it on our website to share with the world!

Thank you and have a Magical New Year

Don Chriscaden